peeled-logs-aboutI started working with my Dad as a young child harvesting wood products and managing forest land. I was taught at a young age to leave the forests in a better, healthier, and more productive condition than when I started harvesting. This is still the driving philosophy of Northwest Forest Products LLC.

The conifer and mixed conifer and hardwood forests of the West are in desperate need of thinning. Through decades of fire suppression and mismanagement, many forests are a ticking time bomb waiting to be consumed by catastrophic wildfire and disease, such as bark beetle infestations. Overcrowded stands of trees and vegetation are loaded with excess fuel and are often suppressed by overcrowding. With too many trees competing for limited resources, they become slower growing and more vulnerable to disease.

Careful selective thinning and harvesting of excess trees can greatly reduce the fire hazard, and leave the remaining forest in a more healthy condition. Properly spaced trees are allowed more space and resources, like sunlight, water and nutrients. This allows them to grow much faster, and become more able to resist bark beetles and other diseases.

Treating the forests is a huge job and can be very labor intensive and costly. While many are seeking government grants and other forms of tax money to treat the forests, I prefer to leave other peoples tax money alone and treat our forest land by harvesting and selling useful wood products. Small diameter poles, peeled logs and many other products are a great way to utilize this excess material in the forests, and help pay for restoring forests to a more productive, healthy, and fire safe condition.

Northwest Forest Products