Wholesale Firewood

We can produce wholesale firewood in bundles, boxes, or in bulk. If you are looking for the cheapest firewood around, we are probably not the right source. Our focus in on a quality product, reliability and sustainability.

Firewood is a tricky business because of the high amount of physical labor involved, and expectations from buyers for it to be available cheap. In most cases, buyers want firewood at prices that are too low for reputable businesses to make a profit. And then they wonder why they can’t find a reliable firewood source.

If reliability and quality are important to you, we can produce quality firewood from a source that you can be assured is not only sustainable, but contributes to restoring forests and enhancing forest health and wildlife habitat as number one priority.

Our firewood species include:

  • Pacific Madrone (madrona)
  • Douglas Fir
  • Ponderosa Pine
  • California Black Oak
  • Oregon White Oak
  • Tanoak
  • Manzanita
  • Sugar Pine
  • Incense Cedar

Madrone Firewood

Madrone Firewood
Green Madrone Firewood Setting Out to Dry

Madrone, sometimes spelled madrona, is considered by many to be the best firewood there is to burn. Whether or not it is the best, is a matter of opinion, but there is no doubt that madrone makes excellent firewood. Well seasoned madrone burns long and hot. With it’s smooth bark, this hardwood is much less messy than other types of wood, and also produces little ash, compared to oaks and many other hardwoods.

We have madrone firewood for sale for both home heating and decorative use. Besides being an excellent burning wood, madrone is also a wood with a unique looking bark that makes it ideal for use as decorative firewood. We also have other types of firewood for sale including manzanita, tanoak, white oak, black oak, Douglas fir, ponderosa pine, sugar pine and incense cedar.

All of our wood comes from a sustainable source. Our private forest land is selectively harvested and managed responsibly. Long term forest health and productivity is the number one priority.