Log Cabin Furniture

We can supply hand peeled logs for building log cabin furniture and other rustic furniture. If you are a furniture manufacturer or someone who wants to build your own log furniture, consider natural round logs.

Round log furniture can be great alternative to traditional dimensional lumber when it comes to building rustic furniture. At first it might seem like it would be more difficult since you have to deal with round edges instead of flat edges and square corners. But once you master the simple mortise and tenon joint, round wood can actually be easier to deal with in a lot of ways.

There are some challenges with using logs, but they make up for a lot of that by being very forgiving to work with. What this means is that imperfections in craftsmanship are not nearly as noticeable as with the straight precise edged lumber. With logs, imperfections are all part of their appeal.

Here are a couple videos from the Woodworkers Guild of America that show how easy and fun it can be to build your own log cabin furniture.

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